Fake News

So – there is a God and America has woken up. This is what Tom Paxton would call a “short-shelf-life” song. Hopefully, we’ll all forget as much about the Orange Baby as we can – so I’m getting this out there as quickly as possible.

Here’s the mp3 … now properly mixed!

Several people have asked tosing this … PLEASE DO!!!

Here is a karaoke backing track to use!

Here’s the sheet music

And here are the words …

Fake news.

They call me orange baby. Fake news, Fake news
And laugh at my magnificent hair.
They say my brain is crazy. Fake news, Fake News.
But the truth is, it’s just not there.
They stole my re-election. Fake news, Fake news.
And counted votes when I yelled quit.
They put me in the bin. Fake news. Fake news.
They know that I’m a useless sh/git.

They say that I’m a lecherous Lothario. But Italian is all Greek to me.
I’ll paint a very different scenario. I’ll save the world, you wait and see.

Cure Coronavirus with a lightbulb chum. I’m a genius – you all can tell.
Stick some ultraviolet right up your bum and a slug of bleach will make you well.

Climate change is nothing but a Chinese hoax. Warming can’t freeze your balls.
Don’t let the commie scientists control you, folks. God has chosen me to save you all.

I could be the king of England if I wanted to. And Boris loves me, to be blunt.
We have a lot in common and we both talk shit. And we hold our ladies by the hand.

They finally decided I’m a useless creep, no morals, no  truth, no brain.
I’ve been humped and dumped on the scrap heap.  You’ll never see my like again.