Giverny Song – for Gill

Yes – Gill Amos (now Gill Murray) and I married on 14th May, 2022

While on honeymooon in Giverny,. at a magical place called Evergreen, I wrote this …

Sometimes words can’t express feelings strongly enough and it’s easy to slip into “Ooo, I love you, baby, baby” nonsense. This song tries to come clean and uses the tried and trusted “I love you”.

Here’s the mp3 download

… and here’s the sheet music

And the words alone …

How to find the melody? How to write the song?
How to tell the story … not too short and not too long?
It’s all been done before by McCartney and Berlin.
But I need new words and tunes to let you know the mess of love that I am in.

I can’t put down the feeling. The words are far too small.
I can’t express the happiness. No tune can hold it all.
This task will always beat me. There’s nothing I can do.
But to fall back on old friends and use the words that say it all … I love you.

You found me lost and lonely.  You made me whole again.
‘Cos women with a special gift can rescue broken men.
You’re beautiful and full of love.  It isn’t hard to see
how you put the bits together of the hurt and weary jigsaw that was me

How you came to love me I don’t know.
Faster then any flower I’ve ever seen
Beautiful and strong and ever green

You gave me back my dignity. You held me by the hand.
You gave me hope. You gave me love.  I wear your wedding band.
We’ll walk the road together, every hill and every bend –
to where our journey leads us – from this moment, to wherever is the end.

… and these were our hosts at Evergreen (and now our firm friends) Jonathon and Suren.