What a Way to Spend Christmas!

Here’s a novelty – a 31-year-old song that I’d forgotten about! I stumbled on it in a folder of songs that I haven’t looked at for ages!

It is therefore almost “new” to me and I rather like it – it feels like someone else wrote it now. At the time (1990) it got me some flak, as some thought that I was having a pop at Sir John Clerk, the 10th Baronet of Penicuik, who had a “Baron’s Hall” of sorts. As it happens, Sir John and I were good friends and he thought the song was very funny. My daughter, Sooz, was only 5 at the time and was only just growing out of sitting on Sir J’s knee in church and calling him “Unca John”. I’m pretty sure that Robert, the 11th Baronet, will not be fazed by it either, as it isn’t about him, his baronetcy or his hall.

It is a Socialist-Christian song, but only to point out, again, that whatever Jesus was or wasn’t, He wasn’t a toff. It wouldn’t matter if He had been – but He wasn’t and He had a pretty rustic first Christmas at best.

Here’s an mp3 download

Here’s the sheet music

And the words alone

This is probably more realistic ..
… than this!