Rise Again

This is all Rev Nick Bowry’s fault – aided and abetted by Nathan Evans’ version of “Wellerman”. Nick talked about renewal and rising again at Easter (oddly enough!) and this came into my head immediately.

We all have bad experiences – sometimes terrible ones. We’ve all experienced the frustrations and privations of COVID, but we will Rise Again when it’s gone. I have some friends who have really suffered – wracked by fear of infection on one side and desperate for a hug from family on the other.

Some of us have also suffered COVID-free anxiety and depression, caused by many things including bullying, unreliable friends, bereavement and loss .. the list goes on. Some poor souls have it for no identifiable reason. That must be hellish.

Even if you don’t buy the Christian stuff about JC rising from the grave, please use it as a source of encouragement. I’ve now undergone two emotional resurrections and I hope that you find one if you need one. This is for all who have suffered and needed (or need) to find a way to Rise Again.

Here is the sheet music

and an mp3 download … please sing along! LOUDLY!

When times are bad and life is rough and things are hard.
When hope is gone and all your dreams are black and charred.
When it looks like happiness has blown away.
Just remember that He showed us all the way.

Rise again. Rise again.
When they nail Him to a cross He has a power they can’t contain.
Let us praise Him, let us raise Him. Let us heed Him and amaze Him..
See it through and rise again and rise again.

Is your broken world a place of grief and pain?
Do all your best endeavours seem in vain?
Don’t be beaten by dementors and dismay.
Just remember that He showed us all the way.

 Are you weakened, worn and wasted by your fears?
Is pandemic or polemic in your tears?
Do you wake to face the horrors every day?
Just remember that He showed us all the way.

When nobody seems to love you as you are.
Every slight and snub and insult leaves a scar.
You will find good friends and family come what may.
Just remember that He showed us all the way.

And when it passes, we will feel the sun again.
Then we’ll sing our hallelujah and amen.
Follow Him and let despondency decay.
Just remember that He showed us all the way.