Let Your Bridges Burn

I think this explains itself – certainly to anyone who’s observed me between 2019 and now!

Here’s the mp3 download

and the sheet music

and just the words …

Let Your Bridges Burn

Don’t remember a thing. Half a life, a worn out ring.
I know just how an old shoe feels when it’s cast aside.
A ruin beyond repair. A wreck on a great despair.
My reason my season my dignity crucified.

Love breaks you and everything is change
Love shakes you and everything is strange
Love makes you and your reasons rearrange.
Just free your heart and let your bridges burn.

Shut the door. Bolt the windows tight. I’m alone. I will be alright.
Then she smashed my windows in and let the light shine through.
I’m blinded by a million stars. Give me time to hide my scars.
This can’t be love. I don’t know what to do.

Love breaks you …

Keystone in my bridge. Linchpin in my wheel.
Now everything is clear. Everything is real.
Anchor for my soul. She is the blood and bones of me.

Light the sun. Let the moon beam free. I can feel. I can see. I can be

The world’s not black. I’m not drowning in my own tears.
My dying days are done. Smiling at the midday sun.
And I have no more fear of the clock of years. 

Love breaks you …

Dedicated to all who have loved, lost and then loved again … excellent, hellish and mind-boggling, in that order.