Dead Man Walking the Void

Songs are coming thick and fast as I process what happened to me over the past 2 years. In late 2019, early 2020, I was pretty much “walking dead” … kept from the depths by Sooz, Paul, Ali, Heidi and Morag ,… and a few good friends.

Now that I’m actually divorced and can marry one of these friends (Gill Amos!) my eyes are looking forward, not backward.

Gill … as painted by her long-term bestie, Kirsty Bowie

This owes an obvious debt to the Blessed Richard Thompson with its gloomy title and stomping rhythm. I owe a debt to my children, grandchildren and child-in-law for keeping me away from the railway lines during the dark times, before Gill kicked down my defences. I also owe a huge debt to Gill for loving me. This song makes it clear how much I love her. Again.

Here is the mp3

Here are the words

And here is the sheet music