The Life of my Love

Glynis Murray and Heidi McCrae

The love of my life (or life of my love!) with the one who triggered “Wazoo”

Love songs are, for me, the trickiest things to write.  I’v been trying since 1970, when Glynis and I became a proper item, to write one and they come out either in “oo, oo I love you baby, baby” form or as rather desperate “she’s leaving me and I don’t know what I’ll do”, Richard Thompsonesque wrist-slitters.

This one blurted itself out quite rapidly and it kinda goes down the other Richard Thompson route (a la “Dimming of the Day”) and allows the romantic language to go nuts.  It does express what I feel, though … and I’m more pleased with it than with most of my other attempts.

As the great man himself said in “Old Thames Side”  …

I looked for a phrase to capture your ways. But that’s a task will always defeat me

Download the mp3 of “Life of my Love ” here,
and The Life of my Love sheet music here.