Suede and Nubuck


Boat shoe - showing both Nubuck and waxy leather

Boat shoe – showing both Nubuck and waxy leather

is top-grain leather that has been sanded or buffed on the grain side, produce a velvet-like surface. You can see Nubuck on the blue bits of the nearest boat shoe. It’s not as hairy as suede and is not polished – rather it is kept looking nice by brushing with a wiry brush to keep the short pile created by the buffing from going shiny and matted.

Loake Haydock chukka boot is suede

Loake Haydock chukka boot in suede


…looks like hairy Nubuck – but it is actually made from the underside of the skin (i.e. the bit that originally pointed towards the animal’s insides!) – not the outer layer. It is also maintained by brushing, not polishing – and is seen on the Loake Haydock chukka desert boot here.