Backings and Lining Added


This shows the inside of a shoe – the “sock” – made of thin, vegetable-tanned leather. Vegetable tanned leathers are very durable and breathable. They’re also very beautiful in that they allow for a very natural look to the leathers. They can, though, be stiff – this is a good thing in a sole and not a problem in the thinner leather that is used for the sock.

This image shoes the lining and insole in a Loake shoe.

The insole is one of the last (pun unintentional, apologies) stages of assembly. However, the linings – the layer of thin, vegetable-tanned leather that actually make contact with your socks – are added while the shoe is flat, as they must also be moulded on the last to become the 3D object that is a shoe. The insole is more-or-less flat, so it can be added later, once several other processes have been performed on or though the outsole (eg – nailing the heel in place from inside the shoe – see later).