Spectator/Co-respondant Shoe Care

This is not different from normal shoe care (leather shoes). Except:-

1) Have a set of brushes and cloths that are only used for your Spectators.

2) Have separate brushes and cloths for the light and dark areas of the shoes, to avoid (in particular) getting any dark wax/polish on the white/cream sections.

3) Use neutral cream/polish for as long as you can.

Spectator shoe

Spectator shoe – Loake Sloane

4) Work carefully in good light.

5) Take your time.

6) Use cloths, rather than brushes, to avoid spattering

7) Wait until you have finished before having the G and T or beer suggested in the Tender-Loving-Care method! A steady hand is needed for Spectators.

8) Use only neutral cream/polish for as long as possible, turning to colours only for touching up scuffs and marks.

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