Everyday Shoe Care

polish… or at least every few wearings – sometimes brushing the loose dirt off and a rub with a clean, dry cloth is enough

1) Use a stiff brush (cheap nail brush?) to get any loose dirt off the uppers and soles.

2) Use a damp cloth to get any stubborn dirt off. Let the shoes dry.

3) Use a cloth or small brush to cover the uppers with either shoe polish/wax or cream of an appropriate colour. Work it in well and use a different cloth/brush for each colour.   Don’t put on too much, as that just makes more to take off.

4) Wait as long as your patience will allow.

5) Buff the shoe with a softer brush (one for each colour) and then a cloth if you have one … and time to do so.

6) Put either your feet (with a shoe horn, of course) or shoe trees in the shoes