Cleaning your Shoes

This is not a complicated business – but as you have visited this bit of the site, we’re guessing that you want more than just “clean ’em then polish ’em”! Let’s start with what you need to do this quite therapeutic task well and without making a mess.valetbox  Calf leather shoes will not naturally take on a high gloss, but corrected leather will.  If you really must get a high gloss on either a whole calf leather shoe, or perhaps just the toecap, you can “bull” the leather.  I think this looks odd and it builds up a layer of wax that will, eventually, crack and/or wrinkle, but it’s very much a matter of taste.

Hints, Tips and Materials

Day-to-Day Shoe Cleaning

Tender Loving Care of your Shoes

Cleaning Spectator/Co-respondent Shoes

Cleaning Nubuck and  Suede Shoes

Cleaning Waxy Leather