Song-and-Tune Sessions

Singers, players and listeners are all equally welcome.

Our sessions are held in the Shottstown Miners’ Club , at 8-10pm.

Our regular Tuesday “Singers Nights” probably includes more singing than does a typical session in an Edinburgh pub – maybe 50:50 songs vs tunes.  However, it’s never a “songs vs tunes” contest.  Our regular sessioneers make sure that the evening is relaxed but not anarchic and it’s certainly not “survival of the loudest”.  You’re likely to hear some playing and singing of a very high standard and also some new friends trying out their talents, often hesitantly. You’ll also hear the best of us make mistakes and forget words … it all goes to prove that the show is live!  You’ll hear big  ballads, Beatles songs, Dougie Maclean songs, Niel Gow tunes, self-penned songs and tunes, Johnny Cash songs, Richard Thompson songs, Cole Porter … in fact the list of what you won’t hear is probably shorter.  If it can be sung and played in a small pub room, with passion, enjoyment and commitment, we’ll love it! Don’t be nervous – and please ring Alan on 01968 678610 if you are … he’ll persuade you to come along, Come and join us any Tuesday at 8.30 to sing, play, join in or just listen … for FREEE!

Singers night RalphSingers night 2