Mercenary Fiddler – 18th June, 2019

Elsa Jean McTaggart and Gary Lister

This is an accomplished and well balanced duo who have two life-times of experience under their belts, having worked as a duo for 7 years ….they know what they are doing and can tailor cut their set for any occasion.

Having performed in pubs/clubs, weddings, ceilidhs and general corporate work in Scotland for 20 years, then as a full-time party/ karaoke host and Entertainments manager in hotels in tourist resorts in Spain. Gary sings and is an accomplished piano/keyboard and Piano Accordion player. Elsa (the mercenary fiddler) began her musical career in Ireland, has an MA in Irish traditional music and has spent 15 years as a full-time musician working in Irish pub venues, performing solo, in duos and full band events. Elsa has toured with the likes of Finbar Furey, and now has completed 2 successful international tours of her own. Elsa composes, sings and plays guitar, fiddle, penny whistle and button box.The Duo began working together in a chain of hotels..but the last 5 years have been spent working full-time in Irish music bars and international venues and festivals, summers have been spent travelling with Elsa’s original music.

Their repertoire ranges from popular music, 50/60’s to up-to date, Scottish, Irish, Country, Rockn’Roll and Scottish Ceilidh music.