Whispering Her Name

This one’s been brewing for a while – it tells of the night when I went from “broken man” to “lovestruck eejit” in a few hours of talk, fully-clothed. Gill thought my clock had stopped, but it really was 3 in the morning when she left, on the 30th June, 2020, to find her daughter standing gleefully at the foot of the stairs at home, tapping her watch and giving her “what time of night do you call this …?!”. Revenge is undoubtedly sweet.

Actually, that night felt like I’d been treated to a painless brain transplant.  The impossible had happened.  I’d fallen in love.


Here’s the audio file

Here’s the audio file

And the music

And just the words

I remember, before she came to me.
I remember.  I was lost.  I was debris.
She sliced into me like a knife.
A gentle, healing knife – she saved my life.
It only took one night to realise.
My life had changed, as the sun began to rise.

And the wind is whispering to the trees
And the leaves are talking to the breeze
And the trees are whispering the same
The trees are whispering her name

I remember, we talked of the broken years.
She held my hand and we shared some bitter tears.
Then the secret sadness spoke and the feelings grew.
They were not for the faint of heart and somehow, we knew.
That something hit that night, like a hurricane.
We knew our lives could never be the same.

Now I know where the bad times go.
Now I know, when we talk in the afterglow.
There’s happiness to be found in dark despair.
I let me defences down, and she was there.
My lover and saviour and my friend.
Her love is the beginning and the end.When you think that all is lost, and all is gone.
When you think that you’ll never see another dawn.
When you think you’re dead and gone in the darkest night.
 Just let the love shine in – turn on the light.