My Love Will go On

New song … love song … lovey-dovey alert to all non-sentimalists.

Gill wearing her Giant’s Causeway pendant – 1st anniversary pressie!

I’ve been listening to quite a lot of Lewis Capaldi recently and it seems to have rubbed off some. This isn’t my usual style (normally more Richard Thompsonesque), but I quite enjoyed stretching my wings and my vocal chords a bit.

With love, as always, to the lovely Gillian Murray … my Gill. Still can’t believe that she is MY Gill!

Here’s the mp3

and the sheet music

and just the words …

Will you come to me in the dawning, as the sunlight fans your eyes?
In the light of a clear blue morning, as she rises in the skies?
Will you come to me in the heat of the day, when the leaves are green and bright?
And in the stillness of the evening, in the cool of the darkling night?

I’ll hold you when you are happy. I’ll hold you when you are sad.
I’ll hold you close when things are good and I’ll hold you closer when things are bad.
I’ll laugh with you, I’ll cry with you and I’ll hold you ‘til the dark is gone.
My love will go on and on and on and on and on.

Will you stay with me in the Springtime, when the world is fresh and new?
Will you stay with me in the Summertime, when the sky is permanent blue?
Will you stay with me when the leaves are brown and frost nips at your nose?
Will you stay with me in the Wintertime, when it blows and bites and snows?

She loves me when I get it right and she’s happy with the things I do.
She loves me when I mess it up and my promises fall through.
She loves me when I’m insecure – when I’m lost inside my mind
And when we are at peace – our bodies and our souls are twined.

My guiding light, my lodestar and my dawn.
She is my inspiration, my star to dream upon.
My day, my night, my hopes, my reason to be.
My here and now, she is everything to me.