The Ring that Makes you Mine

This is a song which did the trick. Gill Amos is now my fiancee!

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Wazoo, Gill.


The Ring that makes you Mine

What’s going on? X4

I’ve known you forever, we’ve only just begun.
So why are our hearts and our minds joined as one?
Was it in the stars?  Was it in the breeze?
Was it in the song? Was it in the trees?
Or is it all part of the maker’s plan?
To join this woman to this helpless man?
It seems too strong to be down to chance.
So is it just a part of the supernal dance.

I’m holding my breath, I’m breathing a prayer.
I’m crossing my fingers that you’ll be there.
What can I say to make you wear that golden ring?
The ring that makes you mine.

What’s going on? X4

My hope is my life, you’re in my blood and bone.
My faltering words are for you and you alone.
Will you ask for time? Will you tell me to go?
Will you say perhaps? Or will you just say no?
Or will you save my life and say that you’ll be mine?
Will you let your life and my life combine?
I’ll cherish you forever, with a love that’s deep and true.
There never was anyone as perfect as you.

I’m holding my breath  ..

What’s going on? X4