Tears of Many Kinds

This song came about as a result of a chat online with a fellow Elbow fan on the Guy Garvey’s Finest Hour & Elbow Facebook group. We were discussing the way in which different emotions cause tears and Mr Garvey’s endearing tendency to get so “into” a song that he amost greets! I’ve also seen audience reaction cause him to well up. I ended the conversation by saying “… love leads to tears of many kinds”. Then I had to write a song to that title, as it was too good to waste!

The different forms of tears are are ….

… that animal “rush” when you you see your child and vow that you’ll kill anything that tries to hard your wee pink squidgy person.

… that “can’t breathe” feeling that comes with lurve … when you go all wibbly when your loved one appears.

… and third is what you have guessed … the source of most tears. Nuff said.

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Family photograph
These reprobates are the causes of most of my tears … of many kinds.