From the First Day to the Last

Less than four weeks ’til we’re married and this came along. Pretty self-explanatory.

Aw! Gill + wee lamb

Mp3 file

Sheet Music

and here are the words …

You could have done much better.  Why did you choose me?
You’re beautiful and fascinating, Makes it hard to see.
I’m worn around the edges.  I’m not as good as new.
The only thing I know I am is flying high and deep in love with you.

She is my guiding light. She sets my spirit free.
She is my star at night. She is my reason to be.
From the dawning of the day to the still of evenfall. She is my all.

I can’t build you a castle with towers and a dome.
I can’t shower you in diamonds, but we can make a home.
I can’t wash all your tears away from bad times that are past
The only thing that I can do is love you from the first day to the last.

So I’ll love from the dawning ‘til the night comes dark and deep.
I’ll love you when we’re waking, and when we are asleep.
I’ll love you through the laughter and I’ll love you through the tears.+
‘Cos love cuts through the good and bad and through the days and weeks and months and years.