Songs for and about Family

PG Teaching Programme portrait – Dr Paul Murray. Paul is a chemistry teacher at Kirkcaldy High School.

Nets to Haul

One of two about my big cousin, Alex – a fisherman.


For my entire clan – Heidi’s version of “I love you” … “Wazoo”. Aw. All the stories in the song are true.

We’ve all got Bums

Includng this one … a factor that uite the whole human race … like Tom Lehrer’s “We’re all Gonna Die”!

Song for Heidi

First granddaughter – soppy grandad.

Who will Carve your Name on a Tree?

Morag … it’ll be a brave and very lucky person that does! She’s fab

Soon, the Sun Baby

Anticipating Morag

The Boyfriend Clock

A lovey story from Gill’s family.