“Wazoo” pops up on Google as “a person’s buttocks or anus”.  This is not a song about bottoms, although I have written one such and it will appear here in due course (see verse 5 of “Wazoo”!).

The word “Wazoo” was my fragrant grand-daughter, Heidi’s, first attempt at “I love you”.  Her Mum and Dad were teaching her to say this phrase – which none of us says often enough, by the way. We thought it was a rather nice word so we still use it – even thought Heidi is now an extreme articulate little woman.  All the incidents in the song are true and I will kill anyone who tries to hurt my sproglets and grandsproglets … with my teeth and bare hands if necessary. And as for hurting my wife … prepare yourself for a Cruise missile attack! Thus speaketh the peacenik vegetarian. …

Here it is as a pdf Wazoo! and as an mp3 download.  Enjoy … and SING!

Left to right … Morag, Alan, Heidi, Gill