Is it a Right?

Written to support the Rights and Responsibilities project that is a common component of many Primary school curricula.
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Everyone deserves to be happy. Everybody needs a friend.
Someone that you can rely on – even when you drive them round the bend.
It’s a right to be laughing and learning with people who are good and fair.
Everybody should be living with friendship, fun and love and care.

I have a right to be happy and a right to be free.
You have a right to be you. I have a right to be me.
I have a right to be the person that I really want to be.
And with all these rights comes responsibiliteeee.

Nobody deserves to be frightened and a bully is a frightened fool.
Nobody should be in danger and being safe is being cool.
Nobody should feel they’re a failure. Or suffer from a snidey sneer.
Keep your loving friends and your family from danger, sadness, hurt and fear.

Everyone deserves clean water. Nobody deserves a war.
Nobody should die of hunger or wonder what their life is for.
Everybody needs a family and shelter from the heat and cold.
Is it a right or a need or a duty to help the future to unfold?

Chorus (twice)
and meanwhile … I’m still thinkin’