Christian Songs

This isn’t in any way organised as yet – as soon as there’s enough stuff here I’ll tidy it up and index it! There’s a lot to add, so it’s going to take time …

Most of these are amateur recordings made in Alan’s “Man Cave”.  They are pretty much “live” .. warts and all, as their only aim is to let those who can’t read music hear the songs and possibly enjoy them.  I’ve overdubbed a few guitars and voices, but I have not aimed for perfection (and I’m unlikely to achieve it!)

What a Way to Spend Christmas!

Rise Again – A Holy Shanty!

Angels Don’t All Wear Wings

They are all around us.  You might even be one.

Roll on the Day

A plea for peace at every level.

The Man

A cycle of 17 songs and tunes that tell of the life of The Man, Jesus,  in “folk” style

The Good Book Boogie!

Largely a bit of fun ..  I have faith that God has a sense of humour.  Why else would She/He have made silly little pink squidgy things like us?

Flesh and Blood

For seafarers everywhere!

The Carol of the Field Mice