This is a work in progress … and always will be …Alan is a keen amateur songwriter and will gradually plonk his songs here for all to see, download and sing.  This is not particularly well ordered as yet – there are some  some downloads and some sheet music. As time permits I’ll put all of my stuff there in the hope that it’ll give some others a fraction at least of the pleasure I’ve had writing it.  Fame. fortune, sex and drugs … probably not … just musical pleasure!

Most of these are amateur recordings made in Alan’s “Man Cave”.  They are pretty much “live” .. warts and all, as their only aim is to let those who can’t read music hear the songs and possibly enjoy them.  I’ve overdubbed a few guitars and voices, but I have not aimed for perfection (and I’m unlikely to achieve it!)

Secular Songs and Tunes

Christian Songs and Tunes