The Adventures of Heidi and Morag

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The “Adventures of Heidi and Morag” Series

Book 1 – Heidi, Morag and the Wrong Birds

Lots of places here that you really should visit … Eric McCabe’s Wildscot photographs, The Lost Gardens of Heligan, The Angel of the North, London, Edinburgh, The Standing Stones of Callanish, Jasper in Penicuik, Perth … and of course the North Pole and Africa!

The “Adventures of Heidi” Trilogy

These came first and Wee Morag doesn’t make an appearance until the final page of the last book.  You can also see Heidi maturing as the series unfolds!

Book 1 – Heidi, Bo and the Burglar

Look for Cuiken School, Alan and Glynis’s garden, Lidl and Penicuik polis station … and you can meet the real Lewis Chessmen, including Bo the Berserker, in the National Museum in Edinburgh’s Chambers Street.

Book 2 – Heidi and the Green Men

Look for Alan and Glynis’s garden again and a number 37 bus … you can also meet Hamish, the real Green Man, at The Secret Herb Garden near Edinburgh.

Book 3 – Heidi and the Wonky Reindeer

See Aberdour and Penicuik from the air …

Notes – This is a growing set of little books written and illustrated for Heidi and Morag McCrae by their silly grandfather (i.e. me!). I’m working with Heidi’s dad, Ali McCrae (a fine graphic artist and printer who works for Colorprinz, Penicuik) to print them up for fun.  in the meantime, these are draft versions for anyone who wants to enjoy them.

If you enjoy reading these little books, please let me know here, using this contact form.